Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flexibility and Balance

And no the title of this post doesn’t have anything to do with the key attributes of a Yoga Master.  I’m talking about the flexibility and balance one needs to find the time to become a Yoga Master.
Yesterday Joelle and I woke up at 6:30 AM, hit snooze and decided that a 6:45 start to the day would work just fine. Unfortunately no one told our 1 year old that. As we headed down stairs for our morning DDP Yoga session we heard a noise. Like 2 frightened teens in a horror movie, we exchanged nervous glances. We knew what terror awaited us and there was no turning back!
In reality our toddler was awake and morning Yoga was officially canceled. This didn’t mean no Yoga, just a slight adjustment in the schedule. We both were looking ahead to a 10 hour work day, then we had to pick up the kids from day care and take the ½ hour trek home. Our new Yoga start time was approximitely 9:30 PM. Not ideal, but it had to get done and we were damn sure gonna do it!

This is one of the trials that being parents of 2 kids and having full time jobs throws our way. Being single and fit is easy. Having kids, jobs, household duties to take care of and staying fit takes flexibility and balance. Sometimes it’s an inconvenience, other times you’re just tired from your day to day insanity. Either way, being in this together with my wife makes it doable. We support each other and help to secure the flexibility and balance needed to achieve actual flexibility and balance!

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