Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Not a Diet!

I'm  2 weeks into DDP Yoga and I have dropped 6 pounds. You would think I'd have nothing to complain about right? 

Where's the fun in that?

To be honest it's not so much a complaint as it is an annoyance. As the weight loss becomes visible people are asking how I am doing it. So naturally I attribute my in progress transformation to DDP Yoga. 

Then I am inevitably asked the dreaded question, "What diet are you on?"

So I explain the nutrition program and politely tell them that it is not a diet. They in turn usually come back with, "We'll you've modified your usual eating habits. That's a diet."

When I think about it I can't really blame these people for thinking this way. People attribute moving or starting a new Job as a lifestyle change. They don't think of exercising or nutrition overhauls in the same light. But if they would just take the time to check out a program such as DDP Yoga they would realize that nutrition and exercise should be a long term commitment to a lifestyle change, not a passing fad they commit to on January 1st and let fade away by the start of Spring. It took me 29 years to figure it out, so there's still hope for everyone but in the mean time let me reiterate...


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