Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Struggle

If you've read our previous posts you know that I (Scott) am a 29 year old husband, father, (former) collegiate athlete, cage fighter and a human version of the board game operation. But what you don't know is I used to be fat. Really fat!

My collegiate football career ended with a spinal injury. When I realized after rehabbing my injury, that I would never play again depression set in. I ate and drank a lot. And with my new found laziness and depression the pounds came on quickly. In just over a year I went from a 20 year old with under 10% body fat at 210 pounds to a 250 pound bag of mush. That however was just the beginning. I soon was the recipient of a series of knee surgeries (3 in 2 years) that left me with very limited mobility. I was still eating way too much, though the drinking had subsided.

At my peak weight, I was over 300 lbs and I had no idea how truly out of control I had become. That is until I saw my wedding pictures. I didn't recognize the man smiling along side my wife. I was embarrassed and ashamed, when I think back on it I still am. But the night is darkest before the dawn and the embarrassment was just the kick in the ass I needed to get back to the old me.

Because my mobility was limited I joined Weight Watchers and started eating right. It worked. In just 6 months I was down 40 pounds and could start work outs again. Then I was down to 230 pounds and joined an MMA gym with my uncle. Now the weight started melting off and in another 6 months I had my first cage fight at 205 pounds and I won! I continued fighting over the next couple of years ending my run with a main event fight for the New England Middleweight (I was now fighting at 185) Championship in Boston. After that fight life got a little more hectic (we had another baby) and I realized a year later that I needed another knee surgery.

I had the surgery in April of 2013 and am still recovering. Unfortunately  I have gained some weight back (I am 228 pounds) and am having pain issues with my knees. This is what led me to DDP Yoga. I want to become lean, mean and agile again. I'll be damned just one week in if I'm not well on my way. So watch out 30, I coming at you better than ever!

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