Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Update for my Random Milestone Results!

Yesterday marked my 50th day on the DDP Yoga program. I know that in this program the milestones are done in increments of 30 days but I am proud of what my first 50 has produced so I am gonna share the results.

My starting weight was 228 lbs, on day 50 I weighed in at 212 lbs. A 16 lbs difference!
My starting Jeans size was a 35. On day 50 it was down to a 33! That is my target waist size, because it was my Jean size when I was fighting professionally!

I am overwhelmed with joy for my progress so far but know that the work is just starting. A good 50 days does not a healthy life make.

I will continue to kick ass and be inspired by people like DDP, Ian Rogers, Christina Russell and all of the other members of Team DDP Yoga. And maybe, just maybe I can inspire a few folks along the way!


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