Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poison Control

Excluding an occasional glass of red or a beer, I have been completely chemical free since starting DDP Yoga. Until last night that is.

First a little background;

I am not a great sleeper, never have been. And since I started the DDP Yoga program, my energy is up and I sleep even less. 4 to 5 hours a night, max! Last night however, I added restlessness to my insomnia and I needed to just conk out in a bad way. So I took PM Motrin, waited for it to take effect and caught some ZzZzZ's. This seemed like a fantastic idea! Until this morning...

Today I feel lethargic, my energy is low and I can only attribute this to the PM meds from last night. This got me thinking, if something as "innocent" as PM Motrin can throw me for a massive loop, what the hell have I been poisoning myself with for the last 29 years? It's a frightening prospect to ponder. I've had about a dozen surgeries so pain pills, prescription or otherwise have been a part of my life. Add alcohol and fast food to the mix and no wonder I had so little clarity in my daily experiences. I am now so grateful for my decision to "live clean" and move forward with this happy and healthy lifestyle.

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