Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again!

It's been about 2 weeks since I've blogged. I was Detroit for work (that town gets a bad rap by the way!) and then came home to 2 different family emergencies. Two emergencies, two completely different sides of the emotional spectrum, but both equally draining.

I am however, proud to say that since coming home from the "D", I managed to get my DDP Yoga in 5 out of the 6 days amid work, my children and family crisis. My sessions were one of the things that kept me sane during it all. This program and website have been such a blessing. Even when I don't have the time to post I always try to catch a blog a day to keep the fires burning within.

One member I have to give a major shout out to is Ian Rogers. His video blog flat out rocks and he is constantly tweeting me when he posts them so I can make sure to take a look. He is inspiration personified and if you are not a member of his group on here, get there!

So who inspires you? What keeps you going and how do you focus when life throws you a knuckle ball? Because this week I got knuckle balls not curves!

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