Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ready to Rumble

With dedication comes opportunity. I truly believe in this. We make our own breaks and with my dedication to a healthier lifestyle another opportunity has arrived. I received a call last night from a friend with a request. He has just made a commitment to his first amateur MMA fight this coming November and he has asked me to train him for it.

Now besides the obvious honor, that someone respects my ability and experience enough to guide them to their first fight, it also reaffirms my commitment to this lifestyle. Before DDP Yoga I would have been worried that I wasn't in good enough shape to train someone. I would have dreaded getting "back into shape" and may not have accepted the invitation. But my health and confidence are sky rocketing once again and you can bet your ass I will be incorporating DDP Yoga into his training regimen. Get some rest buddy, because come Sept 1 camp starts and you're gonna need it!

Own Your Life

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