Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lessons Learned

I've never been the type to take direction very well. I'm more of a find out for myself kind of guy. A year or so ago when someone brought up "The Caveman" diet, I dismissed it as limiting yourself of some of the great pleasures in life and said it just want for me. Fast forward to today and I am doing a no gluten or dairy diet that resembles the very thing I brushed off as foolish in 2012. I consider that a lesson learned.

Just this Sunday I learned another valuable lesson. I have been loving the feeling of being healthy. It is such a natural high with energy boosts and positive body changes that make me a happy man everyday. But, with a good friends wedding on the horizon I figured what would it hurt to let loose a little and have fun like we did when we were kids. I forgot one thing, I'm not a kid anymore and it did hurt, A LOT! We all had a blast as shots of whiskey rained down, until that is, they came back up a few hours later. I was sick as a dog for close to 24 hours and was even much to under the weather for last nights DDP Yoga session. I watched Joelle as she kicked ass and I laid there helplessly.

I realized that living clean and doing Yoga 7 days a week is way more fun than over serving myself and paying the price for a full day afterward. But don't worry I made up for my misdeeds this morning. I banged out Fat Burner and Red Hot Core and when Joelle gets home from work tonight we'll do Below The Belt together.  Double sessions for this bad guy!

I paid the price for letting my stubborn pride get in the way and indeed had a lesson learned. On the bright side from what I hear I did have a blast at the wedding ( although I don't remember much) and thankfully I have photo evidence to prove it!

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