Monday, September 16, 2013

Addicted to DDP Yoga

Does anyone ever feel like it's never enough? When I have down time I am constantly feeling like something should be done about it. Whether it's a DDP Yoga session, a quick round of push ups and pull ups or an attempt of a "psycho extreme push up". I always get the feeling that down time = bad time. Now I know that this isn't true, but I just always seem to have that inclination.

When I think about it, I have this kind of all or nothing attitude toward most anything in my life. When I got fat 10 years ago I got REALLY fat! When I hated my job I tended not to even do it at all, but on the contrary when I enjoy it I immerse myself in it mind, body and spirit! This attitude was the key to my success in the MMA arena and is becoming my gateway to success with DDP Yoga. I know it's not always healthy to be so all or nothing, but in my quest for physical fitness and over all wellness my obsessive nature is just that. Healthy. Some may say even  a little too healthy!

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