Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It feels so good to be back!

I am excited! As excited as I was to start DDP Yoga and as excited as I was when I signed my first fight contract. I'm excited because tonight just 3 months after my 10th knee surgery and a little under 2 months since I committed to DDP Yoga I start training my 1st fighter for his 1st fight!

This is a huge deal for me on many levels, but in respect to my new and damn sure improved lifestyle it is tangible proof that my positive choices, attitude and commitment are paying off. They're opening doors, new and old alike, for me that just 6 months ago I didn't think would be a possibility then, now or maybe even ever.

I'm happy to say that beside my obvious physical gains and improvements, I am in a healthy mental and emotional space as well. And when all 3 of those things are in sync nothing can stop me! This is just the beginning of a never ending journey that I look forward to taking every single morning. It's time to own it!

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