Friday, September 6, 2013

Emotional Anchor!

I had to fight myself to roll out my mat today. I had to fight myself to press play on the Blu ray player today. I had to claw tooth and nail to get through the 38 + mins of Strength Builder today.

It's not because I didn't  want to do it, but with the emotional gravity, no, the emotional anchor that has been hanging around my neck this last week or so, it has been a prize fight for me. My hamstrings "seemed" tighter or my muscles "felt" too sore, but I rolled up my sleeves and got it done. Today however was my toughest day of DDP Yoga to date. 

With my cousins wake just a couple of hours away I found an hour in my hectic schedule to hit the mat. The only problem was not all of me was down for the session. But I did it. It may not have been my best workout in the past 2 months, but it was my most trying. And in a way my most satisfying! As I let out my 'UGE breathe as DDP would say, I laid back and just let a few tears roll down my face. The tears however may not have been for the reason you assume. Sure it is a sad day for me, but my tears were tears of satisfaction. I am often my own arch nemesis and today I won the battle. With all that life and my own subconscious has thrown at me I never gave in and I never gave up. Today I truly owned my life!

I dedicate his blog to my cousin, Tim.

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