Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Holding Back the Hands of Time

Three weeks ago I started training a group of MMA hopefuls. This was exciting and a bit scary for me. I haven't competed in MMA in 2 years and had not trained full time in that span either. Add to the mix that I underwent surgery in late April of this year and I was officially doubting if I could still "Go" like I used to.

Well, 3 weeks into my training camp I can gladly say that I haven't skipped a beat. In fact I am so much more balanced than I was in my fighting days! And without a shadow of a doubt I couldn't have accomplished this without DDP Yoga. My increased flexibility and balance have me 2, maybe 3 steps ahead of my students, who just happen to be 2, maybe 3 years younger than me! I know he preaches it each and everyday, but Dallas couldn't be more right, DDP Yoga has literally helped me "Hold back the hands of time!"

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