Thursday, September 5, 2013

Therapy Session

DDP Yoga has been a lot of things for me in the last 2 months. A motivator, a guiding hand, a kick in the ass when I need it & a judgement free friend. But for the 1st time last night, DDP Yoga worked as my therapist. Yesterday morning at 8:05 am my cousin, friend and a hero of mine lost his battle with brain cancer. Watching him suffer these last few months has been heartbreaking, but losing him is a devastating blow to me and my entire family. So to put it mildly, yesterday was a very tough day.

Under 3 hours after the news of his death I found myself at work. Everyone would have understood if I called in and continued on in the grieving process, but I thrive when I am busy and when one wants to be busy work is a great place to be. I had a productive day, but the gray cloud of loss hung just above my head and I just did not want to be there. I was sure that I was going to just chalk this day up as a loss and try to move onto Thursday.

When I arrived home my oldest daughter and niece were there to great my with hugs and smiles and asked me to tuck them in, which I gladly did because that kind of love can snap you out of anything if only for a moment. As I walked down the stairs I remembered what DDP said about the "attitude of gratitude" and how much love and joy I still had in my life. I even decided that instead of mourning my cousins loss I would try to celebrate his life! Now there is nothing wrong with shedding tears for love ones lost, but they should be followed by smiles of memories of days gone by. So this is exactly what I did and am continuing to do the next couple of days as we approach his wake and memorial service. I'll share this with my friends and family through this trying of days and hopefully we can laugh and cry together in honor of our fallen family member.

I almost forget, I absolutely killed it with STAND UP last night as well. That's enough to turn any one's day around!

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